As queen or princess, you will have the experience of a lifetime and create lasting friendships. As rodeo royalty, you have the privilege of traveling to many rodeos and other various events such as parades, fairs and any other public promotion that can be viewed as a positive attribute to rodeo. —Brooke Grandquist, Miss U.P. Rodeo 2013

2016 Miss U.P. Rodeo-Bailey Manninen

2016 U.P. Rodeo Princess-Grace Lundberg



The Miss U.P. Rodeo title has been part of this rodeo for 49 years. Continuing in that tradition, the Queen pageant is open to young women ages sixteen to twenty-two. This year’s queen and princess will have the honor of representing the Rodeo as it celebrates 50 years of  “Keeping the Tradition”.

Becoming the UP Rodeo Queen was a childhood dream come true. Having the opportunity to represent something that I love was indescribable. Throughout my reign I traveled to many rodeos in the UP and Wisconsin. I also made appearances in parades and other public events. One of my favorite experiences as queen was when I visited the Niagara schools kindergarten class. Being able to share my rodeo knowledge with little cowboys and cowgirls was incredible because I was once in their “boots”. I highly encourage any girl who is even the slightest bit interested to run for a title. Not only have I gained wonderful memories, but lasting friendships. I hope to see you at the rodeo! — Clara Churchill, Miss U.P. Rodeo 2015


Queen and Princess competitors will be judged in four categories:

  1. horsemanship
  2. rodeo knowledge
  3. public relations
  4. appearance


Prizes are awarded in each of the four categories and for first runner-up.

The 2017 Miss U.P. Rodeo will receive $1,000 scholarship, award belt buckle, a traveling crown and chaps. The 2017 U.P. Rodeo Princess will receive an award buckle, embroidered jacket, and crown. During their title year both queen and princess will represent the Rodeo at events and other rodeos throughout the U.P. and the Upper Midwest.


Entry Deadline: June 24, 2017

UP Rodeo Princess Packet 2017

Miss UP Rodeo on Facebook

UP Rodeo Princess on Facebook

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